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  • 2500 3-1 Powder 2500 3-1 Powder

    3-IN-1 POWDER 100 GR

    A great combination of medications for the 3 most common health problems: Canker, Coccidiosis and worms. Use 3-4 weeks before breeding season and then once again after the season. 1 teaspoon per gallon for 5 days. Makes 28-30 gallons. 100 grams

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  • 35 Coccivet Liquid - Vetafarm

    COCCIVET - 250 CC`S

    A powerful combination of Amprolium (80 g/L) and Ethopabate 5 g/L for the effective treatment of Coccidiosis. 1 teaspoon (5 ml/cc) per 3 quarts of water during treatment. Treat all birds for 5-7 days. Repeat treatment as required. 1 capful equals 5 ml/cc...

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  • 34 tony's treasure tablets 100 34 tony's treasure tablets 100


    An excellent combination of medicines for the oral treatment of poor condition or performance diseases such as respiratory diseases, Canker, Sinusitis, Air Saccultis, Enteritis, diarrhea and weight loss. One tablet daily for 3-5 days. 100 tablets

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  • triple C triple C

    Triple C Powder

    A broad spectrum antibiotic powder used in pigeons, parrots, finch and all ornamental birds. Used for bacterial infections including E. Coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma (Cronic Respiratory) and Chlamydia (Psittarosis). May be added to the drinking water or...

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  • VetRx Poultry VetRx Poultry


    Effective relief and prevention of chronic respiratory disease, colds, Pneumonia, Throat Canker. Two fluid ounces, dropper cap. May use full-strength with the dropper or 1 teaspoon to 1/2 cup water as a solution. Poultry Vet RX 2oz.

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