• Dr. Pigeon One Drop One Eye One Time

    1 DROP 1 EYE 1 TIME - 1 OZ.

    When I spoke to Dr. Pigeon about this product, he warned me that a customer would only buy it once, because it lasted so long. If the bird has a one eye cold, this will get rid of it. One drop, in 1 eye, 1 time and its gone. Makes over 900 drops. One...

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  • 2500 3-1 Powder 2500 3-1 Powder

    3-IN-1 POWDER 100 GR

    A great combination of medications for the 3 most common health problems: Canker, Coccidiosis and worms. Use 3-4 weeks before breeding season and then once again after the season. 1 teaspoon per gallon for 5 days. Makes 28-30 gallons. 100 grams

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  • acidified copper sulfate


    Feather rot is thought to be caused by a fungi which can be controlled with this product. Many report good results. 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of bath water. 1/3 teaspoon to a gallon of drinking water for 5 days.

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  • pigeon vitality adeno s

    ADENO S LIQUID 500 ml.

    AdenoS is not a treatment for the Adeno Virus, as you may know, there is no treatment for a virus. However, the combination of the natural organic acids and vitamins in Adeno S, seems to reduce the bloom of E.coli when the pigeons are exposed to the...

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  • ADENO ZAP - 8 OZ.

    ADENO ZAP - 8 OZ.

    Please keep it in mind that Adeno Zap is not an antibiotic, it is a natural product to quicken the recovery from the Adeno-Virus and to eliminate the side effects such as poor food digestion, vomiting feed and yellow loose stinky droppings. When you have...

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  • hilton herbs airborne liquid


    Helps birds maintain clear and healthy lungs, airways and sinuses. Builds resistance to airborne allergens and irritants, as well as is in the creation of healthy mucous membranes. Resists airborne viral and bacterial infections and gives your birds...

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  • airways gold


    This product will help your birds maintain a strong and natural resistance to allergens, airborne irritants, or bacterial and fungal infections. A healthy respiratory system is absolutely vital if your poultry and birds are going to thrive. Airways Gold...

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  • All-In-One All-In-One


    All In One is a powder that gives us the best value and covers the largest range of health issues. I am not a strong believer in preventive medication, but I do believe this product will help keep your flock healthy. Coccidiosis is probably the most...

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  • amoxicillin powder, paratyphoid amoxicillin powder, paratyphoid


    Our most popular single drug product. Amoxicillin is, many times, the first antibiotic recommended by Vets who either are not 100% sure of the problem, until an autopsy, or the problem is specifically recommended for the health issue that is detected...

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  • Amoxicillin Tablets Amoxicillin Tablets


    One of the most frequently recommended treatments of Paratyphoid by Veterinarians. Also used for E-Coli and bacterial infections such as Haemophilus (a respiratory infection). Usual treatment is 5-7 days, but for Paratyphoid use for at least 21 days. ...

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  • pigeon vitality antifungal


    A great additive to Improver designed to solve the problems of fungal. This product is meant to be used in combination with Improver, not by itself. Kills the high concentration of the fungal Candida Albican. In combination with Improver it kills bad...

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  • apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar


    The addition of Apple Cider Vinegar to the water will lower the pH of the water, thus increasing the acidity. Research has shown that increased acidity from Apple Cider Vinegar has positive effects of feed consumption and has increased bird growth and...

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  • aviomed 4 in 1 tablets aviomed 4 in 1 tablets

    AVIO 4-1 TABLETS - 100

    A broad spectrum tablet for treatment of Salmonella (Paratyphoid) E-coli, Coccidiosis and Canker. Contains higher percentage of Ronidazole. The highest quality ingredients are supplied at an affordable price. Treat pigeons for 5 days when any of the...

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  • aviomed, avertex, coccidiosis aviomed, avertex, coccidiosis


    Double the strength of Appertex. This tablet treats Coccidiosis and should be used when you suspect Coccidiosis or when introducing a new bird to your loft. One tablet per pigeon, repeat in 10 days. One tablet to a youngster when weaning. Contains...

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  • aviomed, aviocox, coccidiosis and bacterial diseases aviomed, aviocox, coccidiosis and bacterial diseases

    AVIO COX 100 GR

    AvioCox Powder combines Sulphadomethoxine, the safest and most effective Sulphonamide, with the purest and most potent water soluble high dose Trimethoprim. Sulpha- dimethoxine is one of the newer, safer and more effective Sulphas that is ideal for the...

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  • Aviomed Coxiworm Aviomed Coxiworm


    This product is a world breakthrough and is the first of its kind to be specifically developed for pigeons. So far there is no equivalent available for the pigeons worldwide. It combines three of the safest and most effective actives available, for the...

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