Recommended For: For the control and treatment of infections from organisms such as Mycoplasma spp. (Chronic Respiratory Disease), Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp., Corynebacteria spp., E. coli and Salmonella spp. For the treatment of infections...

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  • 1683, Pigeon Bath Protector, all natural, mites, lice, and fleas 1683, Pigeon Bath Protector, all natural, mites, lice, and fleas


    There is no question that parasites will affect the health and performance of birds. This all natural enzyme prodcut cleans away mites, red mites, and the feather louse. Pigeon bird bath also cleans away viral pathogens and is extremely effective on...

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  • hilton herbs immunity gold

    #2490 IMMUNITY GOLD 1/2 PINT (8 OZ)

    The ideal product for when birds need a helping hand to maintain an efficient and effective immune system and response. This easy-to-feed herbal formula is rich in Echinacea purpurea root, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and herbs known for their...

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  • airways gold

    #2491 AIRWAYS GOLD 250 ML./ 0.5 PINTS

    This product will help your birds maintain a strong and natural resistance to allergens, airborne irritants, or bacterial and fungal infections. A healthy respiratory system is absolutely vital if your poultry and birds are going to thrive. Airways Gold...

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  • hilton herb immunity plus liquid


    When birds are racing, training, flying competitively or moulting, their immune systems are under additional pressure. This herbal solution is rich in Echinacea purea, Siberian Ginseng, herbs known for their ability to help maintain stamina, a strong...

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  • hilton herbs airborne liquid

    #2497 AIRBORNE LIQUID - 250 ML./ 0.5 PINTS

    Helps birds maintain clear and healthy lungs, airways and sinuses. Builds resistance to airborne allergens and irritants, as well as is in the creation of healthy mucous membranes. Resists airborne viral and bacterial infections and gives your birds...

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  • 2500 3-1 Powder 2500 3-1 Powder

    #2500 3-IN-1 POWDER 100 GR

    A great combination of medications for the 3 most common health problems: Canker, Coccidiosis and worms. Use 3-4 weeks before breeding season and then once again after the season. 1 teaspoon per gallon for 5 days. Makes 28-30 gallons. 100 grams

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  • #2501 TYLAN POWDER 100 GR. #2501 TYLAN POWDER 100 GR.

    #2501 TYLAN POWDER 100 GR.

    Highly recommended by Vets to treat many forms of respiratory problems. If your birds are of the flying variety and they are not performing as expected, you may have a respiratory issue. Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, a breathing problem, may be found in as...

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  • Metronidazole Powder 200 grams


    Metronidazole Powder 20% 200 grams Also known as Flagyl. This is an extremely safe product for the treatment of Canker with a wide safety margin to use during breeding, moulting and any active period such as a flying competition, auction or show. This...

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  • amoxicillin powder, paratyphoid amoxicillin powder, paratyphoid


    Our most popular single drug product. Amoxicillin is, many times, the first antibiotic recommended by Vets who either are not 100% sure of the problem, until an autopsy, or the problem is specifically recommended for the health issue that is detected...

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  • aviomed, muscle and wing powder aviomed, muscle and wing powder

    #2505 AVIO MUSCLE & WING 200 GR

    Muscle and Wing Disease is a bacterial disease that under certain specific conditions starts over growing that initially only causes inflammation in the breast muscles. Symptoms are blue discoloration and swelling of the breast muscles. Pigeons become...

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  • aviomed, aviozole, canker aviomed, aviozole, canker

    #2506 AVIOZOLE POWDER 10%

    Ronidazole is the safest, one of the most effective products available for the treatment and prevention of Trichomniasis (Canker). Aviozole contains ultra-pure, highly potent prime grade Ronidazole in a special easy to disolve powder form. Aviozole is...

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  • aviomed 4-1, canker, coccidiosis, worms aviomed 4-1, canker, coccidiosis, worms

    #2507 AVIOMED 4-1 POWDER 100 GRAMS

    A broad spectrum, safe powder for the treatment of Salmonella (Paratyphoid) E-coli, Coccidiosis and Canker. Contains higher percentage of Ronidazole. The highest quality ingredients are supplied at an affordable price. Treat pigeons for 5 days when any...

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  • aviomed, aviocox, coccidiosis and bacterial diseases aviomed, aviocox, coccidiosis and bacterial diseases

    #2508 AVIO COX 100 GR

    AvioCox Powder combines Sulphadomethoxine, the safest and most effective Sulphonamide, with the purest and most potent water soluble high dose Trimethoprim. Sulpha- dimethoxine is one of the newer, safer and more effective Sulphas that is ideal for the...

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  • aviomed, avertex, coccidiosis aviomed, avertex, coccidiosis

    #2509 AVIO AVERTEX TABS - 100

    Double the strength of Appertex. This tablet treats Coccidiosis and should be used when you suspect Coccidiosis or when introducing a new bird to your loft. One tablet per pigeon, repeat in 10 days. One tablet to a youngster when weaning. Contains...

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  • 2510 aviomed, dimetryl, dimetryl+, dimetryl +, canker, trichomoniasis 2510 aviomed, dimetryl, dimetryl+, dimetryl +, canker, trichomoniasis

    #2510 DIMETRYL+ 50 GR.

    Dimetryl is a unique product developed specifically to treat resistant strains of Trichomoniasis (Canker). Dimetridazole is extremely effective when administered at higher doses. At these high doses it is very toxic. Dimetryl contains the unique Aviomed...

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