Fancy Pigeon Treatment Program

  • 1684, all natural, pigeon protector, mites, lice, fleas 1684, all natural, pigeon protector, mites, lice, fleas


    A natural and organic product that cleans away parasites that live on the birds as well as cracks and crevices. Effective on cleaning away eggs, larvae, pupae and adult insects. For use on birds, in lofts, nest boxes and litter. All naural enzymes...

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  • aviomed, aviozole, canker aviomed, aviozole, canker

    #2506 AVIOZOLE POWDER 10%

    Ronidazole is the safest, one of the most effective products available for the treatment and prevention of Trichomniasis (Canker). Aviozole contains ultra-pure, highly potent prime grade Ronidazole in a special easy to disolve powder form. Aviozole is...

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  • aviomed, spiradox tablets


    Spiradox is currently by far the safest and most effective treatment for Orniplasmosis (combined infection by Ornithosis and Mycoplasmosis). The combination of antibiotics acts together to ensure that both the organisms are treated optimally. It has the...

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  • aviomed typhoid-cure powder

    #2529 AVIO-TYPHOID CURE 100 gr.

    Aviomed has produced this extremely effective combination of antibiotics which acts more effectively in combination than they would singularly. Highly effective against Paratyphoid (Salmonella), E-coli, muscle and wing diseases. It is a fantastic product...

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  • AvioGel AvioGel

    #2531 AVIO-GEL POWDER 400 GR/14 OZ

    AvioGel is a unique powder that is used to ensure maximum attachment to any powder or liquids to pigeon feed. This is amazing powder turns into a highly digestible gel when mixed with water. The gel attaches well to grain and dries to form a permanent...

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  • aviomed multibreed


    Multibreed has been specifically formulated to enhance the breeding performance of pigeons that are confined to the loft (stock pigeons). The unique formulation also stimulated growth and perfect feathering in babies. Multibreed contains very high...

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  • Aviomed Feather and Immune Oil Aviomed Feather and Immune Oil


    This economical but extremely well formulated oil made specifically for pigeons and birds will ensure a shiny and healthy plumage in your pigeons when used regularly. It contains a combination of 6 different oils known to be beneficial to pigeons. ...

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  • aviomed ferti-cal aviomed ferti-cal

    #2538 FERTI-CAL POWDER 400 GR.

    This is not just a calcium supplement, it is a total breeding supplement. The first ever supplement that ensures optimal FERTILITY, perfect eggs, many youngsters, growth and health. Q10, Vitamin E and other specific herbs ensure optimal FERTILITY. ...

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  • triodine-7

    #644 TRIODINE-7 2 oz.

    Used by fanciers for years. This is a strong product and directions should be followed with care, do not use more. The recommended dosage is 8-10 drops per gallon and the product is in a dropper bottle to make it easier to administer. One bottle will...

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