Immune Support

  • hilton herbs immunity gold

    #2490 IMMUNITY GOLD 1/2 PINT (8 OZ)

    The ideal product for when birds need a helping hand to maintain an efficient and effective immune system and response. This easy-to-feed herbal formula is rich in Echinacea purpurea root, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and herbs known for their...

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  • airways gold

    #2491 AIRWAYS GOLD 250 ML./ 0.5 PINTS

    This product will help your birds maintain a strong and natural resistance to allergens, airborne irritants, or bacterial and fungal infections. A healthy respiratory system is absolutely vital if your poultry and birds are going to thrive. Airways Gold...

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  • hilton herb immunity plus liquid


    When birds are racing, training, flying competitively or moulting, their immune systems are under additional pressure. This herbal solution is rich in Echinacea purea, Siberian Ginseng, herbs known for their ability to help maintain stamina, a strong...

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  • hilton herbs re-coop plus liquid

    #2493 RE-COOP PLUS LIQUID 250 ML./ 0.5 PINTS

    One never knows what a race bird or for that matter, what any flying bird has been up to while it is away from the loft or during transportation to a race. Birds are exposed to strange birds, different and sometimes fouled water. Sometimes, when out of...

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  • hilton herbs super fit liquid

    #2494 SUPER FIT LIQUID 250 ML./ 0.5 PINTS

    Specifically formulated for use during training and competition. Contains herbs known for their ability to help maintain: Stamina Uptake of oxygen cells Effective removal of lactic acid from the cells Detox of waste products Strong immunity ...

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  • hilton herbs supersonic powder


    Providing a readily available source of energy. Rich in anti-oxidants, omegas, 36 essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins and amino acids. Use during any type of racing, flying, training, shows, moulting and feather renewal. Dampen the feed and add...

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  • aviomed mycoban aviomed mycoban

    #2521 AVIO-MYCOBAN POWDER - 100 GR.

    Mycoban is by far the safest and most effective treatment for Mycoplasmosis. Mycoban contains a special combination of the most effective antibiotics specifically developed for the treatment of resistant strains of Mycoplasma. It is combined with...

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  • Aviomed Viromune Aviomed Viromune

    #2528 AVIO-VIROMUNE 200 GR.

    Viromune has been specifically formulated to act as a natural immune enhancer in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases especially Pigeon Pox and Parayxovirus (PMV). It contains a special blend of mega doses of immune stimulating vitamins. It...

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  • AvioGel AvioGel

    #2531 AVIO-GEL POWDER 400 GR/14 OZ

    AvioGel is a unique powder that is used to ensure maximum attachment to any powder or liquids to pigeon feed. This is amazing powder turns into a highly digestible gel when mixed with water. The gel attaches well to grain and dries to form a permanent...

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  • Aviomed Feather and Immune Oil Aviomed Feather and Immune Oil


    This economical but extremely well formulated oil made specifically for pigeons and birds will ensure a shiny and healthy plumage in your pigeons when used regularly. It contains a combination of 6 different oils known to be beneficial to pigeons. ...

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  • Broncho Plus Liquid 100ml

    #2579 BRONCHO PLUS LIQUID 100 ml

    Respiratory problems are one of the most widespread problems in pigeon racing. Due to warm and humid conditions under transport, most pigeons are exposed to respiratory diseases during the racing season. These problems often come along with large...

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  • wins more powder


    Excellent condition and health builder. 2 weeks on Winsmore, you will notice a general improvement in the loft. Benefits racers and stock birds with boosted energy levels, glossy plumage, increased egg fertility and improved immunity to disease. A...

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  • Dr. Pigeon’s Ultimate Elixir - 16 oz.


    High potency food, containing 19 amino acids, 15 vitamins, lipotropics, 63 minerals. Promotes fertility, growth, condition and stamina. Many people tell me they love this product. Brings your pigeons into magnificent condition. Add 1 tablespoon to a...

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  • Ade - 8 oz.

    #7048 ADE - 8 OZ.

    Stress is always a problem with your pigeons, and when stressed, their immune system is weakened and susceptible to disease. Ade should be considered a prevention, because if you reduce stress, you reduce the chances of your birds getting sick. Ade is...

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    Orego-Stim Pigeon Liquid is a high quality feed additive containing 100% natural oregano essential oil flavor on a liquid carrier. Designed for use in all pigeons, including racing pigeons, show pigeons and squabs. Oregano essential oil naturally...

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