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  • Vionate - 2 lbs.

    VIONATE - 2 LBS.

    Contains 21 vitamins and minerals to help improve overall health, performance, fertility and lifespan for a wide range of species. Vionate has more Vitamin C, E and manganese and contains nutrients like choline chloride and cobalt that others don`t...

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  • 616 Cod Liver Oil

    COD LIVER OIL - 16 OZ.

    Hard to find source of Vitamins A and D plus fatty acids. Many fanciers claim this product will sometimes stimulate old cocks that no longer fertilize eggs. Use by pouring on the feed. Cod Liver Oil 16oz.

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  • vetericyn gel


    Eye colds are a problem many fanciers encounter with their birds, and some time the cure is as simple as moving a perch, the one eye cold ceases to be a problem. The Gel is a container that is squeezed and a small amount of gel is applied to the problem...

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