Viral Support

  • hilton herbs immunity gold

    #2490 IMMUNITY GOLD 1/2 PINT (8 OZ)

    The ideal product for when birds need a helping hand to maintain an efficient and effective immune system and response. This easy-to-feed herbal formula is rich in Echinacea purpurea root, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and herbs known for their...

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  • airways gold

    #2491 AIRWAYS GOLD 250 ML./ 0.5 PINTS

    This product will help your birds maintain a strong and natural resistance to allergens, airborne irritants, or bacterial and fungal infections. A healthy respiratory system is absolutely vital if your poultry and birds are going to thrive. Airways Gold...

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  • hilton herb immunity plus liquid


    When birds are racing, training, flying competitively or moulting, their immune systems are under additional pressure. This herbal solution is rich in Echinacea purea, Siberian Ginseng, herbs known for their ability to help maintain stamina, a strong...

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  • hilton herbs airborne liquid

    #2497 AIRBORNE LIQUID - 250 ML./ 0.5 PINTS

    Helps birds maintain clear and healthy lungs, airways and sinuses. Builds resistance to airborne allergens and irritants, as well as is in the creation of healthy mucous membranes. Resists airborne viral and bacterial infections and gives your birds...

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  • Aviomed Viromune Aviomed Viromune

    #2528 AVIO-VIROMUNE 200 GR.

    Viromune has been specifically formulated to act as a natural immune enhancer in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases especially Pigeon Pox and Parayxovirus (PMV). It contains a special blend of mega doses of immune stimulating vitamins. It...

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  • pigeon vitality adeno s

    #2578 ADENO S LIQUID 500 ml.

    AdenoS is not a treatment for the Adeno Virus, as you may know, there is no treatment for a virus. However, the combination of the natural organic acids and vitamins in Adeno S, seems to reduce the bloom of E.coli when the pigeons are exposed to the...

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    A Health and Performance package has long been needed in this sport. Pigeon Vitality has recognized this need and now offers a program to follow on a weekly basis. Because these are All- NATURAL products, and repeated each week; success is not...

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  • Naturaline - 1 Liter

    #5048 NATURALINE - 1 LITER

    The use of Naturaline is recommended during race or show season. Use when watery droppings are caused by Adenovirus or PMV. Use as long as the symptoms persist. Normal use is once or twice per week. One liter size is just over 1 quart. 1 - 2 tablespoons...

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  • foy's, foys, pigeon builder, vitamin supplement, vitamin, vitamins, vitamin a, vitamin d, vitamin d, viral, support


    The best-selling vitamin supplement. Contains Vitamin D3, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Dextrose, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin and Dextrorotatory. Any vitamin is most effective given on a regular, long-term basis. I give this product,...

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  • ADENO ZAP - 8 OZ.

    #682 ADENO ZAP - 8 OZ.

    Please keep it in mind that Adeno Zap is not an antibiotic, it is a natural product to quicken the recovery from the Adeno-Virus and to eliminate the side effects such as poor food digestion, vomiting feed and yellow loose stinky droppings. When you have...

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    Aids in the control of Pathogens, Salmonella, E Coli, Avian Influenza, PMV, Aspergillosis and other viruses. It is also an aid in the contol of upper respiratiory and fungal infections. It may be sprayed on eggs in incubators, on birds, misted in the...

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    #983 FOY`S SULFUR POWDER - 2.5 LBS

    Use as an aid in the control of Pigeon Pox. This is an old product once used by Olde Timers who swear that it does the job. Sprinkle about one tablespoon into about 5 pounds of grit. It is said that the mosquito, which carries the Pox from bird to bird,...

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