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Sanocest ecological disinfectant for clean and healthy water for pigeons and poultry. Non-toxic/non-corrosive. Acts quickly and safely against bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, and organisms present in drinking water. Acts safely and quickly in the drinking water, against all types of pathogens and organic pollution in water. It is very good to use in the drinking water during transport to prevent pathogens.

By administering Sanocest your pigeons will use fewer antibiotics, there will be less stress, less diseases, better performance, healthy pigeons, faster moulting, disease resistance, longer flights, and a stronger immune system.

DIRECTIONS: Add 5 ml of per 1 liter of drinking water.

  • For the bath water, add 10 ml of Sanocest; water is sterilized in seconds.

Ingredients: hypochlorous acid approx. 300 mg / liter, electrolysis activated salt. It does not contain chemical additives.

CAUTION: Use biocides safely - always read the label and product information before use. When used correctly, there is no danger to humans or the environment. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container closed. Store in a dry, cool place.