Hand Feeding

  • Squab Formula

    #1385 SQUAB FORMULA - 1 LB.

    Foys travels to many shows every year and at these shows, we are always looking for products that fanciers have had success with and highly recommend. Squab Formula is such a product and is a must for any serious fancier. This product is for those who...

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  • Formula 3 Powder

    #1390 FORMULA 3 - 24 OZ

    This is a Roudybush product. Use as a hand feeding formula for all species of psittacines and pigeons from day 1 to weaning. Also used for hand feeding squabs older than 7 to 14 days. (7 days for smaller birds, up to 14 days for larger breeds). Do...

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  • Feeder Syringe 6 Pack


    An inexpensive small 1 cc plastic, syringe. It is clear plastic so that you can see how much is in the syringe as you feed a baby. Meant to be used on baby pigeons, doves and larger cage birds. Reusable after cleaning. It is not meant to be used with...

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  • 6cc Syringes

    #177 6 CC SYRINGES *6 PACK*

    There is a good reason why vaccines carry the note to dispose of all unused portions. The manufacturer assumes that the vaccine will be contaminated when the needle enters the vial. Bacteria can be added to the vaccine and will multiply or incubate until...

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  • Curved Tip - 2 Pack


    We`ve all been faced with the decision that in order to save a special young bird, we are going to have to hand feed it. These syringes are also helpful when you want to measure a medication or administer a medication. 12cc. Curved Tip Syringe

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