Respiratory Powder

  • #2501 TYLAN POWDER 100 GR. #2501 TYLAN POWDER 100 GR.

    #2501 TYLAN POWDER 100 GR.

    Highly recommended by Vets to treat many forms of respiratory problems. If your birds are of the flying variety and they are not performing as expected, you may have a respiratory issue. Mycoplasma Gallisepticum, a breathing problem, may be found in as...

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  • amoxicillin powder, paratyphoid amoxicillin powder, paratyphoid


    Our most popular single drug product. Amoxicillin is, many times, the first antibiotic recommended by Vets who either are not 100% sure of the problem, until an autopsy, or the problem is specifically recommended for the health issue that is detected...

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  • aviomed, muscle and wing powder aviomed, muscle and wing powder

    #2505 AVIO MUSCLE & WING 200 GR

    Muscle and Wing Disease is a bacterial disease that under certain specific conditions starts over growing that initially only causes inflammation in the breast muscles. Symptoms are blue discoloration and swelling of the breast muscles. Pigeons become...

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  • avio bromhexine, aviomed avio bromhexine, aviomed


    Bromhexine contains the purest and most potent source of Bromhexine-Hcl. Bromhexine stimulates the area responsible for clearing the respiratory system of mucus, bacteria and dust. It also stimulates excretion of mucus that is less thick and is...

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  • aviomed spiradox powder aviomed spiradox powder


    Spiradox is currently by far the safest and most effective treatment for Orniplasmosis (combined infection by Ornithosis and Mycoplasmosis). The combination of antibiotics acts together to ensure that both the organisms are treated optimally. It has the...

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  • All-In-One All-In-One

    #2546 ALL-IN-ONE POWDER 200 GR

    All In One is a powder that gives us the best value and covers the largest range of health issues. I am not a strong believer in preventive medication, but I do believe this product will help keep your flock healthy. Coccidiosis is probably the most...

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  • Doxyty Powder Doxyty Powder

    #2547 DOXY-TY POWDER 100 GR.

    A potent combination of Doxycycline and Tylan. This broad-spectrum antibiotic combination aids in the treatment and prevention of Sinusitis which many people confuse with Canker. Sinusitis is a yellowish, stringy accumulation of mucus found in the...

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  • Doxycycline Powder Doxycycline Powder

    #2548 DOXYCYCLINE 20% POWDER - 100 GR.

    The world wide choice for the treatment of chlamydia, a principal cause of respiratory infections. A conversation with a well known vet and pigeon expert suggest that treatment of choice for paratyphoid is Doxycycline 20% for a minimum of 21 days but in...

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  • Tylamox Powder Tylamox Powder

    #2549 TYLAMOX 20% POWDER 100 GR

    A broad spectrum anti-biotic combination of Amoxicillin and Tylan. This combination is highly recommended by Veterinarians to treat a wide range of bacterial infections, especially respiratory. Use in the fight against Paratyphoid, E-Coli and more. May...

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    #2554 LINCA-SPECTA 20% 100 G

    Mycoplasmosis occus around the world and infects not only pigeons, but other species of birds. Pigeons of all ages may contract this infection. In all cases, conditions exist which lower the immune system, and this lowered immunity allows the outbreak of...

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    (DAC) Global`s All in 1 Mix A mixture of 6 medications for the prevention and treatment of: Canker (Trichomoniasis, Hexamitiasis) E-coli (Adenovirus) Parathyphoid (Salmonella) Common Respiratoty problems Coccidiosis and Worms Composition: Tylosine...

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  • DAC TYLOSINE 33%, 100g

    #2616 DAC TYLOSINE 33%, 100g

    Tylosince treats common respiratory infections. For prevention during the racing season, mis one teaspoon to a gallon of drinking water for 1 or 2 day - every 2 weeks, preferably starting the day after the race. As a treatment, mix one teaspoon to a...

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  • triple C triple C

    Triple C Powder

    A broad spectrum antibiotic powder used in pigeons, parrots, finch and all ornamental birds. Used for bacterial infections including E. Coli (Enteritis), Mycoplasma (Chronic Respiratory) and Chlamydia (Psittarosis). May be added to the drinking water...

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