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Mycoplasmosis occus around the world and infects not only pigeons, but other species of birds. Pigeons of all ages may contract this infection. In all cases, conditions exist which lower the immune system, and this lowered immunity allows the outbreak of Mycoplasmosis. Pigeons may be a carrier and show no symptoms. The first symptoms show themselves as a grey deposit of nasal discharge that appear as a slimy thread from the lower beak to the upper beak when the mouth is open. Wheezing and a rattle may be heard at night. As an aid in the prevention and treatment of resistant Mycoplasmosis (slime in the throat) and bacterial diseases; add 1 1/2 tablespooons to a gallon of clean drinking water daily for 5 - 7 days continuously. May be combined with Bromhexine. Follow with a Probiotic.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review