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False eggs are used for a number of purposes. Pigeon fanciers use them when they want to stop raising youngsters. They remove the real eggs and replace them with the false pigeon eggs. Pigeons do not know the difference and will sit on these false eggs until past the normal hatching date. Pigeon fanciers also will place under the pigeon when the hen stays in the nest bowl as though they have eggs but in fact they have not laid. It is thought that if you put false eggs under the pair, they will sit on them until the hatching time and this may start the regular cycle of laying eggs. Chicken fanciers may not want to raise any more peeps and when a hen goes broody and will not leave the nest, the eggs are removed and replace with false eggs. Cage bird fanciers use them for the same reasons. Some fanciers like the wood and others prefer the plastic, where possible, we offer both. PLASTIC PIGEON EGG