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All NPA bands are sized according to the specifications of the National Pigeon Association. Birds are banded at 5 - 7 days of age. Check the bird for the next few days to be sure the band did not fall off. All bands include the year, the letters NPA, letters that indicate the size and a band number. Minimum order is 10 bands per size. They are sold in multiples of 10 per size. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7mm Bands American Flying Tumbler, Arabian Trumpeter, Archangel, Flying Baldhead, Breslauer Tumbler, Brunner Pouter, Catalonian Tumbler, All Clean Leg Shortface Tumblers, Cumulet, Danzig Highflyer, Figurita, German Nun, Gumbinner, Hamburg Sticken, Helmet, Italian Owl, Starling, Flying Tippler, Hyacinth, Laugher, Nuremberg Lark, Polish Owl, Portugese Tumbler, Flying Oriental Roller, Parlor Roller, Parlor Tumbler, Performing Roller, Polish Murzyn, Sroka, Rzhev Startail, Syrian Turbiteen, Taganroger, Vienna Medium Face, Zitterhall ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8mm Bands African Owl, Altenberg Trumpeter, Ancient, Aachen Lacquer Shield Owl, Baku Tumbler, Berlin Longface Tumbler, Bernhardiner, Bohemian Pouter, Chinese Owl, Chinese Nasal Tuft, Clean Leg Ice Pigeon, Czech Ice Pouter, Danish Tumbler, Domestic Show Flight, Donek, Dutch Highflyer, Egyptian Swift, Elster Purzler, English Nun, Fantail, Flying Flight, Franconian Velvet Shield, German Modena, Hessian Pouter, Holle Cropper, Horseman Pouter, Jacobin, LFCL Tumbler, Komorner Tumbler, Koros Tumbler, Macedonian Turbit, Miniature American Crest, Mookee, Norwich Cropper, Old Dutch Capuchine, Old German Owl, Oriental Roller, Pigmy Pouter, Racing Homer, Shield Cropper, Silesian Pouter, All Spanish Pouters, Show Roller, Show Type Racing Pigeon, Swing Pouter, Ringbeater, Schecken, Show Tipler, Spanish Barb, Syrian Fantail, Srebniak, Suabian, Syrian Swift, South German Priest, Temeschberg, All Thuringer Color Pigeons, Thuringer Pouter, Ukranian Skycutter, Voorburg Cropper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9mm Bands Antwerp Smerle, Berlin Shortface Tumbler, Cauchois, Classic Old Frills, Coburg Lark, Dragoon, English Magpie, English Owl, Czech Bagdad, English Barb, Dewlap, Exhibition Homer, Genuine Homer, German Beauty Homer, Goldkragen, Lebanon, Lucerne, Maltese, Modena, Old Dutch Turbit, Old German Cropper, Polish Lynx, Seraphim, Shaksharli, Show Antwerp, Uzbek ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10mm Bands American Show Racer, Carneaux, English Carrier, Florentine, Hungarian English Pouter, English Show Homer, French Bagdad, Frillback, Kazaner Tumbler, LF Muff Tumbler, Moorhead Tumbler, North Caucasian Tumbler, Oriental Frill, Persian Roller, Ptarmigan, Rostower, Royal Seljuk, Royal Snow Tumbler, Scandaroon, Show King, Strasser, Syrian Coop Tumbler, Texan Pioneer, Utility King, Volga Tumbler, West of England Tumbler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11mm Bands Bavarian Pouter, Dutchess, Fairy Swallow, French Mondain, Fullhead Swallow, Giant American Crest, Giant Homer, Ice Pigeon, Indian Fantail, Indian Fantasy, Indian Mondain, Lahore, Old Dutch Tumbler, Russian Tumbler, Saint, Saxon Shield, Silesian Swallow, Saxon Breast, Saxon Field Pigeon, Saxon Monk, Saxon Priest, Saxon Whitetail, Schmalkalden Mohrenkopf, Swiss Crescents, Swiss Mondain ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12mm Bands Indian Fantail, Muffed Pouters and Croppers, Saint ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13mm Bands Dutch Croppers, Ghent Pouters, Giant Rumblers, Giant Runts, Hana Pouters, Hungarian Giant House Pigeon, Pomeranian Pouters, Reversewing Pouters, Saints, Saxon Pouters, Trumpeters -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14mm Bands


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  • 5
    NPA bands

    Posted by Dennis Beranek on Feb 2nd 2023

    Excellent service by Foy's.

  • 5
    2023 Bands

    Posted by steve Prieto on Jan 25th 2023

    Very pleased with product & service.

  • 5
    #903 NPA bands

    Posted by Steve on Jan 23rd 2023

    Used for many years. Light, bright colors and the numbers and letters on the side do not wear off with time. Love em!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 17th 2023

    High quality bands!

  • 5
    Bands order

    Posted by Sara Wilson on Jan 8th 2023

    The bands were easy to order and arrived promptly. Foy's has been a good company to order from.

  • 5

    Posted by Traci Hargrove on Jun 28th 2022

    Have ordered these for 2 or 3 years now The bands have always been colorful and each year is different, which helps keep track too! We have tumbler’s or roller pigeons, 14 in total. All different colors, so the bright purple , greens and blues are best colors in my opinion! Thank you again

  • 5
    Good quality fast shipping

    Posted by Fahir on Jun 16th 2022

    Good to deal with A+

  • 5
    Lag bands

    Posted by Adrian Martinez on Mar 31st 2022

    Good quality!

  • 5
    They are the perfect size.

    Posted by Bob Maeser on Mar 31st 2022

    Great quality.