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Foy`s has offered this nest box for many years and has recently made some minor changes to the design. When I was recently cleaning this Nest Box, I realized that it was more difficult to clean than it should be. The four-inch board in the front made it very difficult to remove the droppings. I have made a small change to remedy the problem of cleaning this nest box.

The new design allows the 4" high front board to be removed and this allows the droppings to be easily removed.

The Nest box is made of quality plywood that has been sanded very smoothly, should you decide to paint it. Foy`s nesting box is as simple as it gets and yet it is just about perfect. Place it on the floor or screw it to the wall.

We offer Foy`s Nesting Box in three sizes. These are shipped fully assembled. All side walls are 1/2". The top, bottom and front boards are 3/16", and the rear piece is 1/4". The exterior is sanded smooth and should you decide to paint it, you need no prep work.

Foy`s Nest Box Triple is approximately 36" x 12" x 12"