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AvioTreasure tablets combine a unique range of highly effective ingredients that act synergistically to treat an exceptionally wide range of pigeon diseases. For the prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis, Trichomoniasis (Canker), Salmonellosis, E-coli, Bacterial diseases, Chlamidia and Mycoplasmosis. It is a unique, life-saving product in the treatment of pigeons where a specific diagnosis has not been made. It is not effective against viral diseases.

  • Prevention: Dose 1 tablet per pigeon per day for 3.
  • Treatment: Dose 1 tablet per pigeon per day for 5-7 days. Do not use longer then 10 days.

Contains: Marbofloxacin 5mg, Ronidazole 10mg, Diclazuril 5mg, Doxycycline 20mg and Spiramycin 10mg