Race Season

May 24th 2021

Race Season

During races, the Breast musculature (Network of muscles) of the pigeon contract nine to ten times per second, for many hours at a time. This enormous burden, or strain, inevitably leads to some kind of damage to the Breast musculature. The regeneration of the musculature can be assisted by an intake of amino acids, among other things, which it is available to begin as the birds return home. All the more so because we usually lower the protein content of feed before the birds were basketed.

There are also times outside of the racing season when supplementary intake of amino acids can be required. These include the moulting season, periods of very hot weather or other stressful times. Pigeons that are ill for any reason generally need an increase in amino acid intake. It is important that we ensure special sources of essential amino acids in three periods. For this reason, it is best to use vitamin mixtures that also contain amino acids.

Foy’s offers a number of quality products that contain amino acids. Included in this list are;

#685/686 Breakaway,

#683/684 Breeding Edge

#5054 Brewer’s Yeast Powder