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PROCESS: These pins are all created and painted by hand. Polymer clay is used and rolled to a thin sheet, and then the shape of the pin is cut out. Once cut out, the clay is baked. After coming out of the oven, and once cooled the clay is smoothed out and sanded. Once smooth, that is when painting begins. Every pin is painted by hand, so there will be differences between every pin, but that makes each one unique. After being painted, that is when the UV resin coating is added to both the front and back of the clay base to give it a glossy look and protective layer. Finally, when the UV resin is cured, the pin is completed and ready to be sent to its new home.

MADE OF: polymer clay, acrylic paint, UV resin

BIO: Rylie James is a 22-year-old Pennsylvanian-based artist known mostly for spooky illustrations and short animations. She received a BFA in Animation at Columbus College of Art and Design. Rylie has been creating art ever since she was young, as early as five years old. In high school, she attended Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School as a media major. This is where she began honing her skill in all aspects of the creative field. Rylie studied traditional art, digital design and learned video editing skills as well. Rylie has been published in her high school`s literary and visual arts magazine known as PULP. This magazine has won many awards and is one of the nation`s top student literary magazines. Her work has also been featured in a number of shows, the first being as early as 2015. Rylie continues to create and work with a variety of mediums and techniques as she grows as a creator.

Approximate size: 2 x 2