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There is a good reason why vaccines carry the note to dispose of all unused portions. The manufacturer assumes that the vaccine will be contaminated when the needle enters the vial. Bacteria can be added to the vaccine and will multiply or incubate until the vaccine is reused. It is possible to avoid wasting the vaccine.

PMV-1 is prevalent in the Pennsylvania area in wild pigeons, but its not very common in the fanciers loft because all but a few vaccinate. I protect my birds by vaccinating them at weaning time. I take a 100 dose bottle, 10 syringes and 10 needles and fill all 10 with vaccine. I wrap the filled syringes in a plastic bag, label them, put them in the refrigerator. I remove and use a syringe as needed.

Its handy to have some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. I squirt the bird in the vaccination area until its soaked. The injection will be much easier and the chances of infection go down.

You can vaccinate youngsters by yourself because at that age theyre much easier to handle and inject. We occasionally get calls from customers saying that they can not operate their syringe properly. They have to push real hard and it seems impossible to force the vaccine through. Here is what you need to do: Before you push the needle into the bottle, pull the plunger all the way back, then insert the needle. Push the plunger down as though you are pushing air into the bottle, then pull the plunger back to fill it. You may also remove the plunger and put a small amount of vegetable oil on the rubber o ring.

Needles are size 20 X 1/2"