#2558 AVIO BIND-IT-12, 100g

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Avio Bind-It-12 is a unique powder that is used to ensure maximum attachment of any powder or liquid to pigeon food. This amazing powder turns into a highly digestible gel when mixed with water. The gel attaches well to grain and dries to form a permanent film around the grain and thereby ensures that none of the added products are lost. It is fortified with high potency Vitamin B12. Directions for use: Determine the amount of supplement or medication that is needed to add to 2kg of pigeon food. Add this to 5g of Bind-It powder. Mix well and then add 250ml water. Mix well until an even paste is formed. Mix the Bind-It paste to 2kg of pigeon food leave the food for 30 minutes; then feed to pigeons. Advantages: As an alternative food adherent gel. Contains: Vit B12, Patented Food Adherent Gel