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Minerals, vitamins and grit Colombine

All-In-One promotes health through rich, balanced composition using natural ingredients.

  • A total mix of vitamins, minerals and grit 
  • Promotes health and a good general condition 
  • Smooth ingestion thanks to the mix with Sneaky Mixture & Optimal Start 25

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix one teaspoon (= 5 g) per pigeon with the grain mixture daily

COMPOSITION: Calcareous marine shells, Redstone, peeled oats, Flint grit, products from the bakery and pasta industry, Maerl, Soya meal, Rape seed, Maize, Rock salt, Canary grass seed, Millet (white millet), Milo, broken rice, Elderberry, Carrots, dried, (brewer`s) yeast, spelt hulls, Adzuki beans, Linseed, (refined) (vegetable) Coconut oil, Calcium and Magnesium carbonate, lucerne protein concentrate, Cranberry, yeasts products (MOS), sodium bicarbonate, Wheat, and Lecithin (de-oiled)

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude Ash 68.5% (34.5% ash insoluble in HCl), Calcium 12.5%, Sodium 0.85%, Phosphorus 0.25%, Lysine 0.25%, Methionine 0.15%