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Kolombavit Liquid Vitamins are a vital supplement to the diet in order to keep essential bodily functions. The great majority of pigeon fanciers offer grains blended specifically for their pigeons. However balanced they may be, they never contain all the necessary amounts of vitamins that a pigeon needs. This is exactly why supplements must be provided in the correct balance for general health, trouble free recovery, good BREEDING and an uncomplicated moult. This all-natural product contains extra folic acids which stimulates the immune system; a stronger immune system will better fight disease. The product also stimulates endurance; stronger endurance increases the ability to fly longer. Kolombavit also contains extra Choline to support the LIVER breakdown of lactic acids and waste products. Dosage is two teaspoons (10 ml) to a gallon of clean drinking water. It may be used once a week throughout the year. During the flying season, it is important to use as directed, two days before a race or any competitive flight, and the day after their return. Follow any treatment for an illness for 3 days.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review