Dropping Analysis

We are quite pleased to offer a great new service to aid you in knowing more about the health of your flock of pigeons, poultry or cage birds. We have enlisted the help of an experienced veterinarian who will look at droppings that you have sent, and give you an idea as to what is wrong and what to do. You can not find all diseases in the droppings, but most common problems will show up. Droppings analysis will not find Viruses, Paratyphoid or other bacterial infections. It will find 
Coccidiosis, Worms, Parasites and Yeast infections. 

Here is what you have to do:

Collect one teaspoon of droppings from the birds you would like to have the Doctor look at. If it is from the flock, and you want a general idea of the flocks health, collect a sample of the droppings from different locations in the loft. If it is from single birds, collect as much as you can, from each bird.

The droppings MUST BE AS FRESH AS POSSIBLE when you send them. Do not collect them from newspaper or an absorbent surface, because the urine would be blotted up, and we need all of the droppings.

If you are sending more than one sample, place each sample in a plastic zip lock bag. Mark each bag you send to us, with a number or an identification of some kind. This is important because we want to be able to refer to each bag.

Put all the ziploc plastic bags in a padded envelope and mail them to Foy's. Padded envelopes are sold at a store such as K-Mart or the post office. If the samples are not in a ziploc bag and padded envelope the droppings will be destroyed.

We will call you with the results and a suggestion of treatment, and a written report will be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to you as well.

Include a check or money order, or you may call with your credit card number.

Analysis one sample                        $40.00

Each sample after the first              $25.00

Checks or Money Order made out to Foy's

Mail, via Priority Mail or first class mail, to:

Foy's Pet Supplies
453 Constitution Blvd.
Dept. D
New Brighton, PA 15066

Please call 724-843-6889 EXT. #206 should you have any questions.