#2544 STATIN 200 GRAMS

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Candi-Statin is the most incredible scientific breakthrough in the natural prevention of the treatment of Candida, sometimes called Thrush. Symptoms include a pigeon trying to swallow their food with their necks stretched out. The candida causes inflammation of the crop lining and this makes it hard to swallow. This will result in slower emptying of the crop with food often still found in the crop in the morning. Another symptom may be vomiting. Candida is a yeast infection many times caused by overuse of antibiotics, or possibly continued use of chlorine (bleach). Regular use of pre and probiotics will reduce the incidence of Candida. Use Candi-Statin 7 days in a row. Mix 1 heaped scoop (included) in to 2 1/2 tablespoons of water to create a paste. Mix this paste well with a bit over 2 lbs of feed. Leave dry for 20 minutes and then feed to birds as a preventative. Add to food as directed, 1 day a week, preferably on a Tuesday. #2544 Candi-Statin Powder 200 grams


(No reviews yet) Write a Review